Set Our Souls Free…

02 Nov

Life often seems to launch curve balls at us, often leaving us to question why, why now at this time in our lives, why when there is so much already that is on our plates, but our main question is why… why me? We claim to never see these things coming, although if we just quieted our minds, noticed the things around us, we would, as we are all such intelligent beings. Now by this I do not mean we can all see the future and predict what is going to happen to us, but when we still our minds our intuition can guide us. However sometimes this may not be what we want to hear, so we close this off preventing the inevitable, which is that horrid curve ball which is on its way, but we have chosen to close our eyes with the childish hope that if we can’t see it, it won’t see us…

This method of denial that we resort to ends up causing more damage, as when it does see us and hit us, it’s in the face, often causing long-lasting bruising, which in years to come, although the marks have faded, the wounds below the surface are still tender to the touch. Our natural response to this is that we didn’t see this coming, but in fact if we had just kept our eyes open and our minds still, we could have caught that curve ball or better yet have knocked it out the park for a home run, only leaving our hands a little tender from the shock, all which can be easily shaken off.

Our problems are the fact that if we never deal with the curve ball that is already on its way, if we don’t follow our intuition which has all the answers, patiently waiting for us to listen, before we know it there is more than one curve ball headed in our direction and unfortunately, it is impossible to dodge or hit them all, so there will be some very painful body, head, and maybe even a punch to the stomach, hitting us at once, which can in some cases leave irreparable damage to a person, the pain will eventually be overcome; however the scars are so deep they will never fade.

The burdens of lugging this baggage around, can only prevent us from picking up the bat for the next curve ball ahead, it prevents us from keeping our minds still to listen to the answers which we all hold within ourselves. These answers are generally what is best for our higher being or what is necessary to unleash our fullest potential we all have. This potential we all have, gives us the tools, and means to deal with and learn a lesson from the curve ball, it is however fear… the nastiest trait of all can hold us back, it is the fear of the unknown, the fear of leaving our comfort zones, fear of taking that adventure, which leaves us restless.

Afraid to take the next step. for fear we will fall off the edge to our doom instead of taking off and soaring, like the eagles we all are, we allow our wings to be clipped, sometimes it is for the sake of others, only in so doing this we don’t realize how much we are actually missing, the breeze of life as it touches the tips of our fingers and the freedom we have within us all.

Just imagine the stillness that would follow if we just listened to our intuition… It is there, within every one of us, patiently waiting for us to drop off others lost property, awaiting our undivided attention, all to guide us, for when the curve balls are launched. The curve balls hold the lesson to be learnt, the shock to the system, to strike us out, out of the rut, whether it’s a smack in the face to wake us up, to tell us to open our eyes, and holds the realization that what we are doing is not good for our higher selves, if we don’t listen to our intuition, we will forever be unable to soar, as we are holding ourselves down just preventing the inevitable, when we could be enjoying the breeze of life ahead of us…

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Posted by on November 2, 2011 in Journey Of Life


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