Mind, Body, Soul…..

20 Mar

When it comes to FAD Diets I am the Queen, I have tried everything from, the starvation diet issued by a medical doctor mind you, I have also tried and tested things like bio-slim, thins, diet syrup, even a diet of injectables and eating suppressants. Yes… Yes… I know, you are thinking what was I thinking, what was I putting into my body, and Yes I gained the weight I needed to lose by double.


An ongoing war with my body, of eating or not eating, self-hatred, guilt, disgust and many other more emotional dysfunctionalities towards myself and my body. I am surrounded by beautiful friends that have amazing beach bodies, some of which don’t even realize it because they too are battling the pounds or emotional barriers that need to be overcome.


My beautiful friend Keri (and by beautiful I mean, slim and trim, a healthy eater, fit and to top it all she is an amazing writer and her blog is somewhat addictive to say the least, do yourself a favor follow her blog!!) this posting regarding fitness and health yesterday was way too true and I have to say that she hit the nail on the head.

Although I prefer to live in “La La Land”, where everything is edible, candy floss clouds, rivers of chocolate, and roads of liquorice, where everyone is happy, laughter is the chosen way of communication, hugs are natural instinct and most of all nothing you eat makes its way to the storage facility located below your lower back… Aaargg Darn Calories!! I have realized that life isn’t that easy, even emotional baggage can turn into actual weight baggage if it is not dealt with, or overcome.

I have said many a times that I am a mother of 3… Three beautiful boys, and I have also mentioned that I am a woman in business with my husband, and if my boys were given half a chance they alone would keep me fitter than ever, but I have to say, that where I am in my life now, the thought of any exercise gets me exhausted, lately everything I do is exhausting. My inner being has become a little old woman, I am in bed by eight, fall asleep in the morning on my way to work, and have been caught at least three to four times having nodded off on my desk at work. I am talking sleepy exhausted, not lazy exhausted, I get my mind quite motivated, and have the most comfortable running shoes, I am just too tiered in the mornings to get up and do it… This is something I will overcome and have set myself a date and a goal and know that I am just going to have to do it.

I may just have found the solution to my eating disorder and unhealthy lifestyle, this is not a diet I repeat is not a DIET, it is a healthy living program that I am trying, and trying to get my family to enjoy as well. As I have realized that I am going to have to stop my addiction. My addiction to dieting, instead this is a healthy and nutritional way of life which seems fun and exciting, and interesting, and flavor-some. Easy to make recipes all of which are great tasting.

When I was first told RAW food, I thought, “REALLY… “HAVE YOU BLOODY EATEN ONLY RAW CARROTS…?” That is NOT my idea of fun, least of all enticing in any way what so ever… “You can SHOVE your bloody RAW food…” That’s until I realized what to do with it, it looks good and tastes good too, so NOW I will eat RAW food and apologize to all of those out there who I thought where really koo-koo for doing so!

Yes exercise will have to be something that is incorporated with this lifestyle, but seriously we all know to be healthy, a little bit of sweating is the only way to do this, keeping fit, healthy and being comfortable with one’s self is what I have realized what is important.


Being a mother of 3, the pressure can be a bit much to say the least, wearing the right stylish attire, having a smoking post baby body, with boobs that are still as perky as they were before baby, tummies that are as firm and flat before baby, glowing skin, the perfect hair, and so as most of you know the list is endless, but the point that I am trying to make is that I have learnt that the best healthy, fit body, as well as healthy positive mind, body and soul, comes from within, it is the thought process that we have that allows us to feel and look good, it’s a case of what you put in you get out.

I have realized that being a big voluptuous woman, or being a size zero is irrelevant, it’s how you treat your body and your inner self that is a reflection of who and what you are on the outside. Who cares how big you are or small you are, as long as you know you are giving your body the nutrition it needs, and the thanks it deserves for carrying the beautiful children it has carried, for stretching and straining to grow a precious human being, breasts that have grown, and then grown some more, and now you feel you have to fight to get back to your old self… Why? Why? Why? Who wants to be their old self, when this is the new you, stretch marks or no stretch marks, big boobs or small boobs, big or small bum and thighs? I have always known, and conveniently forgotten that my body is my temple, that I am beautiful and that it doesn’t matter what ANY other person thinks of my outer appearance, as long as I know those things, as long as I break the viscous cycle of looking back into the past of what I looked like, who I was and what I have done, and simply focus on the present state of myself mind, body and soul of what I put in I get out regardless of the fact that at the end of it I might still not be “skinny” but knowing that I am now healthy then I have WON!!!

Today is the Third Day of my New Healthy Lifestyle and although it has been a bit difficult, I have not given up and will continue with this lifestyle change as my body NEEDS this, and it’s time to give back!!!

 A Healthy Diet... Is A Healthy Soul

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