Whop Whop Whopa….Eating Vegan Style!!!

21 Mar


As I mentioned in my blog yesterday, I am on a new path of healthy living, and what you put in you get out… Don’t ask if I have started running yet, all in good time, all in good time!

I am feeling fabulous today, and more motivated than ever, which in itself has been a difficult step for me, as support can be hard to come by, and people cannot understand my need to be strict on myself. They cannot understand why I am doing this, and why I am so excited all the time about my new venture into a world unknown. It seems this jubilation is far too scary for some, who like their lives the way it is, which is great for them, but still very sad in a way that they do not realize what they are missing, and the rewards they will reap if they simply tried it out. Some have gone so far as to try and encourage me to not be so strict, and that’s where that little saying everything in moderation is good for you. Well I am very sorry for you, but I am not feeling that vibe right now. So support me or don’t… I am doing it Vegan Style!!

My kids and husband and house mate who is like my little brother think I that I may have lost the plot… “Juicing veggies for breakfast Lisa????? Raw Chocolate Lisa??? Raw Cheese Cake Lisa??? Walnut Meat Lisa???? “Almond Milk Lisa… have you lost your F***ing mind?!!!?” That was until I made chocolates… Well I had to make a new batch within 24 hours as they had all been polished… NOT BY ME I might add….!!! There are something’s they won’t have at all and turn their nose up at and that’s fine… change is not as easy for some, but as long as I can keep them slightly interested then we are on the right path! Whopa… Vegan Style!!!

Raw Chocolate

I have not been a complete angel in the past four days, I have had a drink or two, I have had a few kips crackers with smoked salmon cheese dip, and to top it all we were invited to a braai on Monday, and as you know South African braai’s are all about a dop and chop. On my first day, I was hardly going to arrive with the veggie juice in hand and a bottle of water, as I was not ready to get asked 101 questions, as I so not have the energy to justify why I am doing this and I shouldn’t have to, I know why and that’s all that matters to me.

However the second day got much harder, when we arrived at a pub in town for after work drinks (I was oblivious to the fact that we were headed in that direction) however upon arriving and ordering a simple soda water, it was as though the entire place looked in my direction, the little after work clicks stopped, and the question popped out like word vomit…. “WHATS WRONG WITH YOU??? WHY AREN’T YOU DRINKING???” A simple short abrupt “I DON’T WANT TOO” was my answer and still they looked, I was fuming inside, I wanted to scream “Take a picture it lasts longer!!” But I didn’t! As again I realized, this is a comfort zone for some people. This constant questioning and offering of a drink continued, until eventually I caved… this I thought must have made them feel as though they had won… My will power had failed and they had won… I felt guilty, that I had again failed myself, who was I cheating…only myself, but when I proceeded to finish that drink and not order another and leave only then I felt much better.

I feel I should tell you that I enjoy a few drinks and then a few more and maybe another half for the journey… but that’s only until the morning though, when I feel like absolute shit! I am not going to tell you that I will never drink again, because that would be a lie, because I am going to. However it’s very simple, if I am going to moan about feeling tired all the time, and that I don’t feel comfortable in my awesome Jeans, then I need to be the one that says NO, I am doing it my way and if I am looked at as though I am a leper because I won’t drink then fine so be it. But I refuse to complain and do nothing about it. It is my choice right now not to fall into old unhealthy habits; I am trying to break the cycle.

Day Three: Was much better, I woke up feeling ready to take on the world at 5.30am, drank my lemon water, Beet Juice for breakfast, and juiced the rest of the day. I don’t generally eat during the day when I am at work however; I took the other already made juices to work, to ensure that my body was still getting the nutrients it needs. My normal cycle is to only eat when I get home. I slept so well, no tossing and turning, it was fabulous! Whopa Vegan Style!!!


Day Four: Wasn’t so keen to wake up and take the kids to school on a public holiday, but after I was up and about, dressed, I was in the kitchen 15 minutes early before having to take the kids off to school, I drank HOT lemon water today, as the weather is rearing its ugly head into winter, so I need something to warm me up… Off to school we went, got there 15minutes early – this has been a first for me I am always late!! “In your face – Daniels Teacher… “I WAS ON TIME!!! I WAS EARLY!!! I FEEL GREAT! WAIT… WHY YOU OFF TO CHAPEL SO EARLY? JUST TO SPITE ME… FINE!!!?!!” “I Will be earlier tomorrow just you wait and see…!” “I will win this war too!!” WHOPA!!!

When I got home I made the RAW Cheese Cake… OMG the filling… YUMMMMM!!!

RAw Cheese Cake

Then I quickly juiced up my juice for work drank the beloved Green Juice (Not My Favorite) but I felt fab afterwards… on my way to work I realized… BAMMM it’s a public holiday, and I haven’t wasted it, not one minute of it… cause why… I’m doing it VEGAN STYLE….


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3 responses to “Whop Whop Whopa….Eating Vegan Style!!!

  1. midlandsmusings

    March 21, 2013 at 5:55 pm

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Love this!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. Nadine le Roux

    March 21, 2013 at 6:43 pm

    Well done Lis!! And you’ll get to like the green juice too. 🙂


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