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Whop Whop Whopa….Eating Vegan Style!!!


As I mentioned in my blog yesterday, I am on a new path of healthy living, and what you put in you get out… Don’t ask if I have started running yet, all in good time, all in good time!

I am feeling fabulous today, and more motivated than ever, which in itself has been a difficult step for me, as support can be hard to come by, and people cannot understand my need to be strict on myself. They cannot understand why I am doing this, and why I am so excited all the time about my new venture into a world unknown. It seems this jubilation is far too scary for some, who like their lives the way it is, which is great for them, but still very sad in a way that they do not realize what they are missing, and the rewards they will reap if they simply tried it out. Some have gone so far as to try and encourage me to not be so strict, and that’s where that little saying everything in moderation is good for you. Well I am very sorry for you, but I am not feeling that vibe right now. So support me or don’t… I am doing it Vegan Style!!

My kids and husband and house mate who is like my little brother think I that I may have lost the plot… “Juicing veggies for breakfast Lisa????? Raw Chocolate Lisa??? Raw Cheese Cake Lisa??? Walnut Meat Lisa???? “Almond Milk Lisa… have you lost your F***ing mind?!!!?” That was until I made chocolates… Well I had to make a new batch within 24 hours as they had all been polished… NOT BY ME I might add….!!! There are something’s they won’t have at all and turn their nose up at and that’s fine… change is not as easy for some, but as long as I can keep them slightly interested then we are on the right path! Whopa… Vegan Style!!!

Raw Chocolate

I have not been a complete angel in the past four days, I have had a drink or two, I have had a few kips crackers with smoked salmon cheese dip, and to top it all we were invited to a braai on Monday, and as you know South African braai’s are all about a dop and chop. On my first day, I was hardly going to arrive with the veggie juice in hand and a bottle of water, as I was not ready to get asked 101 questions, as I so not have the energy to justify why I am doing this and I shouldn’t have to, I know why and that’s all that matters to me.

However the second day got much harder, when we arrived at a pub in town for after work drinks (I was oblivious to the fact that we were headed in that direction) however upon arriving and ordering a simple soda water, it was as though the entire place looked in my direction, the little after work clicks stopped, and the question popped out like word vomit…. “WHATS WRONG WITH YOU??? WHY AREN’T YOU DRINKING???” A simple short abrupt “I DON’T WANT TOO” was my answer and still they looked, I was fuming inside, I wanted to scream “Take a picture it lasts longer!!” But I didn’t! As again I realized, this is a comfort zone for some people. This constant questioning and offering of a drink continued, until eventually I caved… this I thought must have made them feel as though they had won… My will power had failed and they had won… I felt guilty, that I had again failed myself, who was I cheating…only myself, but when I proceeded to finish that drink and not order another and leave only then I felt much better.

I feel I should tell you that I enjoy a few drinks and then a few more and maybe another half for the journey… but that’s only until the morning though, when I feel like absolute shit! I am not going to tell you that I will never drink again, because that would be a lie, because I am going to. However it’s very simple, if I am going to moan about feeling tired all the time, and that I don’t feel comfortable in my awesome Jeans, then I need to be the one that says NO, I am doing it my way and if I am looked at as though I am a leper because I won’t drink then fine so be it. But I refuse to complain and do nothing about it. It is my choice right now not to fall into old unhealthy habits; I am trying to break the cycle.

Day Three: Was much better, I woke up feeling ready to take on the world at 5.30am, drank my lemon water, Beet Juice for breakfast, and juiced the rest of the day. I don’t generally eat during the day when I am at work however; I took the other already made juices to work, to ensure that my body was still getting the nutrients it needs. My normal cycle is to only eat when I get home. I slept so well, no tossing and turning, it was fabulous! Whopa Vegan Style!!!


Day Four: Wasn’t so keen to wake up and take the kids to school on a public holiday, but after I was up and about, dressed, I was in the kitchen 15 minutes early before having to take the kids off to school, I drank HOT lemon water today, as the weather is rearing its ugly head into winter, so I need something to warm me up… Off to school we went, got there 15minutes early – this has been a first for me I am always late!! “In your face – Daniels Teacher… “I WAS ON TIME!!! I WAS EARLY!!! I FEEL GREAT! WAIT… WHY YOU OFF TO CHAPEL SO EARLY? JUST TO SPITE ME… FINE!!!?!!” “I Will be earlier tomorrow just you wait and see…!” “I will win this war too!!” WHOPA!!!

When I got home I made the RAW Cheese Cake… OMG the filling… YUMMMMM!!!

RAw Cheese Cake

Then I quickly juiced up my juice for work drank the beloved Green Juice (Not My Favorite) but I felt fab afterwards… on my way to work I realized… BAMMM it’s a public holiday, and I haven’t wasted it, not one minute of it… cause why… I’m doing it VEGAN STYLE….


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Thanks…. But No Thanks!

Once we are in what we consider a committed relationship, we generally get introduced to our better-half’s friends and their better-half or in some cases worse-half. This can be somewhat nerve wracking especially if you are meeting a very close friend of your mans and his best mates wife, who has been around from when your man was in previously committed relationships, and knew his ex’s well. So immediately when you meet these friends, they will play pretend while sussing you and the situation out, getting a feel for who they think you are. Not realizing that often enough, your man would never introduce you to his friends if he wasn’t already certain he was happy with you, but anyway, my point is that there are a different kinds of your husband’s friends wives you will end up socializing with.

1.       TYPE 1 – The woman your man hooked up with – now dating one of his friends.

This girlfriend or wife of one of your mans friends, this is the same woman your man hooked up with 5 years before he met you (and told you about), for her this felt like a life time, but was in fact a 5 minute booty call, and then she ended up in a relationship with one of his mates, but deep down still has a little something for your man, although she will never admit it, and she will be sickly sweet to you and skinner about you behind your back, as well as find every breathing moment when you are not around them to brush lightly on your man just to remind him she’s there.

2.      TYPE 2 – The wife of the friend who has a wondering eye…

Then there is one your mans best friends who is not to happy with his wife for whatever reason, however his wife also thinks that she is entitled to compare you to your mans ex because she became best friends with her, and while she is so busy condescending you, she doesn’t even notice her husband is actually grabbing the waitresses arse behind her back, while she’s interrogating you just to make sure you are not some tramp trying to work your way through all your mans friends pants, before disappearing into the sunset.

I must be honest I don’t really like these kinds, because one minute you are happy as larry with your man, and then the next moment you are getting bombarded, with memories of your mans ex and what they all used to do together, and as you sit there listening to things that make you feel a little uneasy, you glance over at your man who is wants to run over and hi-five you because he thinks you and his mates wife are hitting it off, when in fact the smile you send back is one of… Please save me VS I am going to throttle you, you loved your ex more – even though it doesn’t matter! 

You decide what the hell, I am going to let my hair down, have one too many drinks and hit the dance floor, show this cow exactly why your man wants you, and while you know you are causing a stir because your man is bragging about you. You over hear her telling your man and his friend, that you remind her of that one slapper another one of their mates dated, But you continue with your sexy moves because you know that your man is loving the view, and because you heard him say to her whilst she was insulting you to him, that he doesn’t care what she thinks, you are all his, and he likes that you are fun loving, caring, intelligent and he’s never felt this way before! WHAM!!!!  TAKE THAT BIATCH!!!

3.      TYPE 3 – The Worst Kind!!!

This is the woman you meet at a gathering that you and what is now your husband and father of your first child, where invited to. You haven’t met any of these friends yet, so even though you feel like crap, as you still trying to drop those last kilo’s from your new born baby, you arrive feeling allot less confident then you where when you met TYPE NO2, but none the less you go in and immediately notice a woman who eyes you out like the dead frog your cat dragged in, and you think to yourself she can’t possibly be one of the people you are meeting this evening, and as you make your way to the table in the restaurant, you see this woman still penetrating your soul with her dagger eyes, making her way very briskly, almost sprinting in the same direction as you are going in, only she’s coming in from your left hand side, so you start to worry she is a crazed ex of your husbands and you just hold your husband’s hand that much tighter for fear of your life. You get to the table seconds after she has got there and it dawns on your Oh My God, she is with this table! It’s all happening so fast, but she is now latched to some mans arm, a man you have never met before, she’ now looking at you all smug for a reason you are not aware, and then it hits you… like a ton of bricks… SHE’S INSECURE!!!

In the back of your mind as you get introduced to her and her husband, who is an old acquaintance of your husbands, you think to yourself, please chick, don’t worry about me, he is most definitely NOT MY TYPE, never mind the fact that there are no similarities between your man and hers not in the slightest so why would he be your type. Still she is watching you with her evil eye. In so doing this when she who has obviously met your husband years ago tries to show you up and leans in for what is an utter over kill for a hello to your husband, but you know in your heart exactly what your husband’s type is and it’s not her for sure!

The similarities between the 3 TYPES

These people become house friends eventually, because you have kids, and they have kids, and before you know it these same woman who still gives you dagger eyes when you are not looking and smile at you when you are. These women all don’t really like you because why… Their men actually do like you, because you are nothing like their jealous women, and you make their best mate happy, and they like that.

So I have come to believe these women have devised a tactic – a tactic which I have come to learn is incredibly pathetic. They start telling you how horrid the men in their lives are, this is all in hope that you will see them as a victim and their men as monsters, this way they think you are sure to pity them and keep your distance from their men.

This I would like to add has become an epic fail for all these wives because my husband and I go everywhere together. So you end up becoming one of the boys, because your conversational skills are not solely based on children, sex and marriage, and these men enjoy your company because they have noticed how much you enjoy the relationship you and your husband are in. Minly because your husband doesn’t need to go and sit in the car when you phone to check if he’s still okay, and lie to you that he is stuck in traffic or still busy at work. These men envy that, so when you do join your husband and his mates for drinks, these men start to share their thoughts with you, asking you to befriend their wife so they can have some boy time.

You also have to end up watching what you say when the wives are around, because type no 1’s man is now bored with his relationship, type no 2’s man is having an affair and you have met the other woman, and type no 3’s man hates going home because he get verbally abused when he walks in the door.

As the years go on these marriages and relationships that your husband friends are in fizzle out and come to an ugly end, and because you are still happily married to your man and these women know it and hate it as they where all very wrong about you. However when their first sms, or call goes out, it is to you, because they are so desperate to be a part of their ex’s life, even after you have now heard that each of these men has been accused of a having an affair with you…

The questions I have been asked, by my husband’s friends ex’s because I am now considered their new BFF…

  1. My relationship isn’t quite over yet with *Jack, I think he’s seeing someone else, will you come with me so I can follow him after work and see who he is meeting up with? 
  2. Did you know he was an affair? Yes you did, I know you did, you are a liar!
  3. Have you met his new girlfriend? Is she nice? Don’t lie I know you have met her!
  4. Is his new girlfriend prettier than me? DON’T LIE I KNOW YOU HAVE MET HER!
  5. Where is he living now? Don’t lie I am sure you know!
  6. THE BEST YET!!! Even though *Jack and I are not together, I’d still like to stay friends? Can I Come Visit? I thought we were close? (Stay Friends???? I’m confused, we where friends?)

After these women have accused their men of having an affair with me, because they needed someone to blame, while these women made a point of always going out of their way to make me feel like my husband’s last choice, while these woman back stabbed me, they now want to visit, be friends, have play dates with the kids, and have long chats on the phone.

My Answer: NO NO NO… Thanks… But No Thanks..!

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Wedding Guest Etiquette… If you don’t have it.. GET IT!

September, being the beginning of spring is also well known for marking the beginning of the Wedding season which follows through to late April, of course there are weddings through the winter months, but generally speaking many people prefer the warmer months for their special day…

Having been to a few weddings this year, the question which seems to linger in the back of my mind of late is, wedding guest etiquette. Everyone would agree that when you are invited to a wedding, other than the fact that these days due to the expense of getting married and having that white wedding, it is an utter privilege to be included on the happy couple’s guest list, whether you are family or just friends. Many couples today simply cannot afford to have everyone there, let alone include a plus one who they don’t even know. However my point is, that it is a privilege to be included, however with that privilege comes the responsibility of a little wedding guest etiquette.

  1. This starts with you responding to the invite by the RSVP date stated.
  2. Do not ask if you can bring your children when the invite specifically stimulates NO CHILDREN, I don’t believe there are any exceptions to this, rather be polite and don’t go than put the couple in an awkward position where they feel they need to make an exception to the rule for you, as there may be other other guests with children and the couple will then feel obliged to say yes to them as well. This puts extra pressure on them so don’t do it. (I already had an baby when I got married, but my invite still said NO CHILDREN only a selected few where included – MY INFANT at the time was in very good hands for one evening, he is four years old now so clearly he managed one night without my husband and I)
  3. If Children are allowed, as much as you may not want to miss a thing, screaming toddlers, infants, and   badly behaved children are not nice, and during the ceremony and speeches if your child acts up rather take your child for a walk where the other guests and special couple don’t have to hear or be part and parcel to this. They will have the utmost respect for you, for not putting them in that awkward position to having to either shout as they say their vows, or glare over at you, with a kind smile which is in fact hiding their fury of… NO THAT IS NOT CUTE! However with due respect to everyone out there some people don’t mind.
  4. Gift choice, it is important to put some thought into the gift you will choose for the couple, these days this is made easy for us and there are gift registries, however if you don’t know what to get, the newlyweds will be very appreciative of money, as they probably want some spending money for a honeymoon and these days couples already have everything, so they will often request monetary donations to put towards something they have had their eye on.
  5. Lastly and most importantly wardrobe choice for this couples monumentally special day. Again it is the happy couple’s day, so read the invite carefully, if you don’t know what formal, smart or smart-casual is look it up or ask someone who knows. The couple has spent a great deal planning their special day, and as you are a privilege guest make a concerted effort to ensure you dress the part, its one night of your life, and this goes for your children to. 

Wardrobe choice!!!

Often the most difficult part of going to a wedding but ladies I have to be honest, lately every wedding I attend there is always a bitch who wears a the shortest, tightest white, cream or ivory dress, with bead work of some sort or even worse fur…


These dresses leave nothing to imagination as we are well aware that you do not in fact have underwear on, but these women who feel it is okay to arrive dressed as such, honestly piss me off to my core. However when I attended the most recent weddings, I thought I was the only one who was annoyed by this and it didn’t take long for everyone else to start commenting on the aforesaid slapper in white. Whilst some of the men who commented thought that it was insecurities on other women’s behalf, an openly gay friend turned around and enlightened the group that there is no excuse to arrive at a wedding with or without a plus one dressed like a wanna be hooker bride from Hillbrow, which put my mind at ease that I have not been the only one annoyed by this utter disrespect to the bride on her special day.

  1. Some advice to ladies, to ensure you are not considered the wanna be hooker from Hillbrow, if you had or have a secret crush on the brides husband and you want to show him what he’s missing DON’T.
  2. If you are single, widowed or divorced, someone’s wedding is not a place for you to get your groove on, so don’t wear anything too provocative, it is disrespectful to the bride, whether she notices or not, all eyes are supposed to be on her, and not drawn away by your short skirt, skin tight dress, c-thru summer dress, or excessively low cut top, where your overly large breast are about to drop out onto your plate.
  3. If the bride doesn’t notice, everyone else will, and when they do even though men may be drooling at your legs that go to heaven, long awaiting a glimpse as you sit down and perhaps throw a Sharon Stone move, the truth is these men mock you to their plus-one and put you down as being an easy lay, and you could possibly be the nicest person out there, and your plus one just adores the fact that you are a tease all night, but it’s the sad truth. It’s a wedding, a long awaited day by the bride, where she wants her husband’s eyes only focused on her, and she has gone through the blood, sweat and tears of putting her perfect day together.

You too will someday be the bride of the moment, the day where you can wear whatever you like, so save your skanky dress for that day, when you want all eyes on you.


Until then don’t do it, because when your big day comes, and it will, don’t forget to keep an eye out for the bitch in the skimpy little white dress looking for attention, there is always one…


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Some Nookie – Good for the Soul…

The topic on my mind of late has been sex, sex and more sex. The fact that I am a Scorpio, may be part of the reason as Scorpio’s are of course the sex sign of the zodiac, it would also explain my deep obsession to become a sexologist. Nothing frightens me, nothing about sex intimidates me it is something I would like to know everything about.

This is an act I do not believe we could live without, even Maslows Hierarchy of needs states that in order to survive we NEED, Food, Water, Shelter, Clothes, and SEX. Now whether that is to maintain the survival of the species or not. I fully believe that it is something we cannot live without. Could you imagine if we had to, I am sure we would all become demented zombies. Someone said the other day that we cannot let “that poison” build up in our bodies as it could be harmful to pets and children, anyone in the way of a sexually frustrated person will risk the path of destruction and doom…

I believe that this could be facing a serious humanitarian problem with anger issues, if we all had sex we would all be much happier I am certain of it, well in fact I don’t have to be certain it’s science, having sex releases feel good endorphins. Here are some facts of how sex is good for your health.


I have given you ten reasons why its good to be doing it, if you don’t believe me google it. I am sure all of you have thrown a comment or two about how you think your boss didn’t “get it all this morning” because he or she is uptight, and being a down right bitch or bastard.

I don’t believe sex is to be abused and it is certainly not a duty, it is a gift we have been given and the truth is, you cannot get anymore intimate with the one you love. It is one-act that is about the two of you, and only the two of you, not the kids, the dog, the office, or any other bloody responsibilities. A moment of freedom, fun, passion and then the release of two souls that merge in to one magnificent explosion. Sometimes (if you into that thing) it’s about three people, whatever it is for you, love it treasure it and experiment with it. If not because you want to, then at least for Longevity.. you will live longer its a fact…

Now get off the treadmill out of the gym and GO AND GET IT ON…





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